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IEC Inspection Services

IEC Inspection Services: Verification, Installation & Consultancy Services

IEC Inspection Services – ATEX, IEC, NEC Inspections & Consultancy Services, DSEAR & ATEX 137 Hazardous Area Inspection & Testing.

IEC Inspection Services – We provide IEC inspections services which include, verification, installation and consultancy services around the world, assisting companies to meet the required compliance and safety standards for electrical process equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

C&P Engineering Services is also a certified CompEx Training Provider. To find out more about our CompEx Hazardous Area Training Services, click here>

Our Hazardous Area Inspection Services include:

  • IEC Inspection of Existing and new ‘Ex’ equipment
  • IEC Inspection Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Compiling IEC Registers and Client Databases
  • Ensuring Verification of all Installed Electrical Equipment Databases
  • Ensuring Compliance with all Standards and Regulations
  • Gap Analysis and Reporting of Current Inspection Procedures
  • Explosion Protection Documents
  • Installation & Maintenance Project management
  • Remedial Repairs

C&P’s highly trained and experienced CompEx certified inspection engineers, technicians and electricians deliver hazardous area ATEX / IEC inspection and maintenance services for clients requiring support with their inspection and maintenance objectives for optimising their asset performance and integrity.

With our breadth of knowledge and technical experience we work across a wide range of industries, including the chemical, oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel and heavy engineering industries.

We provide IEC inspection services for clients that may only have a few items, to clients that have thousands of items for inspection. We work with clients to provide a path towards full compliance under the mandatory Requirements of IEC, NEC, BS EN 60079-17/14, DSEAR (Dangerous Substances in Explosive Atmospheres Regulations), The Equipment Directive ATEX 95 (94/9/EC) and the workers Directive ATEX 137 (99/92/EC).

We are continually developing strong partnerships with our clients through providing a reliable, safe and best in-class service and through proactive integration and continued improvement efficiencies.

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