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ATEX Inspection Services

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Case Study: ATEX Inspection Services – ZEON Chemicals Europe Ltd

Download: Zeon Case Study_2015

Zeon Chemicals Europe Ltd - ATEX Inspection Services





Customer Profile

Zeon Chemicals Europe Ltd is in the top league of world manufacturers of synthetic rubbers, and is the market leader in the development and production of oil resistant speciality rubbers for automobile components. With a strong focus on research and development, Zeon leads the world in the manufacture, processing and sales of a vast range of petrochemical products.

Technical Remit

C&P Engineering Services have been assisting Zeon Chemicals Europe Ltd at their Barry site, South Wales with hazardous area compliance by providing ATEX inspection Services since August 2014. We have carried out ATEX inspection services and a fault repair registration, complying with BS EN 60079-17. C&P supplied a team of ATEX (Hazardous area) CompEx qualified inspectors to methodically work through an asset list of electrical equipment, utilising hand held PDA units to automatically download information to the asset management software for ATEX equipment. The software (Supplied by Terrington Data Management) has helped Zeon Chemicals Europe control and schedule their inspections, manage certificates and drawings and fully comply with record keeping required by the HSE.

ATEX Inspection Services & Maintenance Strategy Development

Working together we have constructed and implemented a maintenance plan to carry out remedial work and produce loop drawings of equipment on site (CAD format) to ensure compliance.

Electrical Considerations

C&P have agreed an on-going maintenance plan with Zeon to ensure they conform to DSEAR, ATEX and HSE requirements, and more recently carrying out electrical circuit inspections referencing the requirement under BS 7671 part 6 in conjunction with BS EN 60079-14 section 4.1-General Requirements. Electrical installations in a hazardous area should also comply with the appropriate requirements for electrical installations in a non hazardous area, however the requirements for non hazardous areas are insufficient for installations in hazardous area.

Business Outcome

Peter.K. Smith (Senior Electrical I/E Engineer Projects) commented: “I would recommend C&P as a professional well managed company who can deliver Hazardous Area ATEX inspection services and a maintenance strategy to help your company adhere to legislation and satisfy the regulatory body inspections.”

At a Glance

  • ATEX Inspection Services & Maintenance Strategy Development
  • Carrying out ATEX Inspections
  • Ensured verification of all installed ‘Ex’ rated equipment
  • Ensured compliance with all standards & regulations
  • Compiled ‘Ex’ register and updated clients’ database
  • Carrying out Electrical Inspections
  • PDA and Asset Management Software
  • Remedial Actions
  • Auditing and Compliance
  • Value Engineering Solutions

For more information on how C&P Engineering Services can assist you with your hazardous area inspections and meeting compliance, please contact us on +44 (0) 1792 897002 or

Maintaining Integrity

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

E&I Inspection, Verification, Installation, Maintenance, Modification & Repair

Established in 1973, C&P Engineering Services Ltd is an award winning electrical and instrumentation (E&I) services company that has a reputation for minimising risk through the provision of safe, professional and versatile solutions.

C&P is dedicated to supporting the compliance, performance and maintaining integrity of E&I assets and construction projects. The company is vastly experienced in technically challenging and highly complex E&I construction project demands – onshore and offshore, upstream and downstream, throughout the UK and internationally. (more…)

Ex Inspections

Saturday, October 26th, 2013









Ex Inspections

Ex inspections are critical in order to assure the continuing integrity of the types of protection that enable Ex electrical equipment use in potentially explosive atmospheres and are carried out under the standard IEC / BS EN 60079-17.

The intention of Ex inspections is to ensure that the Ex electrical equipment continues to comply with the original equipment manufacturers’ certification requirements both externally and internally.

We provide highly experienced certified CompEx inspection engineers, electricians and technicians that deliver Ex inspections, maintenance and support services for customers across a wide range of industries, including the chemical, oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel and heavy engineering industries.

Our CompEx inspection engineers carry out Ex inspections for customers that may only have a small amount of Ex electrical equipment, to customers that have thousands of Ex electrical equipment for inspection.

We work with clients to support and provide them with a path towards full compliance under the mandatory Requirements of IEC / BS EN 60079-17/14, DSEAR (Dangerous Substances in Explosive Atmospheres Regulations), The Equipment Directive ATEX 95 (94/9/EC) and the workers Directive ATEX 137 (99/92/EC).

Our Ex Inspection & Maintenance Support Services:

  • Detailed, Visual & Close Ex Inspections
  • Ensuring Compliance with all Standards and Regulations
  • Explosion Protection Documents
  • Ensuring Verification of all Installed ‘Ex’ Electrical Equipment Databases
  • ‘Ex’ Electrical Equipment Installation & Maintenance Project Management
  • Compiling Ex Electrical Equipment Registers and Client Databases
  • ‘Ex’ Electrical Equipment Remedial Repairs
  • Gap Analysis and Report of Current Ex Electrical Equipment Inspection Procedures
  • Implementation of Ex Inspection Strategies

Read more about our Specialist Electrical and Instrumentation Services

Offshore Ex Inspections and Maintenance

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Offshore Platform

Offshore Ex Inspections and maintenance of explosion protected (Ex) electrical equipment in hazardous areas

Advice for Offshore operators and employers on the need for Offshore Ex inspections and maintenance of Offshore Ex equipment and in particular the need for relamping of Ex luminaires in line with manufacturers’ recommendations. This followed several incidents of overheating, component meltdown, and internal explosions of luminaires installed in Offshore hazardous areas. (more…)