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Health & Safety

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

There are many reasons why we have become the first choice hazardous area contractor for many of our customers and one of the main reasons for this is our comprehensive approach to project health and safety management.

Management & Experience

The vast majority of our operations are carried out on COMAH tier 1 & 2 sites, Offshore platforms and typically hazardous area workplaces/environments that may contain or have activities that produce, explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres which can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapours or by combustible dusts within the petrochemical, chemical, steel, power generation, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries.

Since 1973, we have continually developed and improved our health & safety knowledge base and operational systems to the point where we are now recognised as one of the leading hazardous area contractors in our field, not only within the UK but internationally and with projects carried out safely, on time and on budget from Western Europe to the Far East.

Our Project Managers are supremely experienced and highly trained in the use of hazard identification and risk elimination and reduction techniques to ensure that our projects are carried out in the safest possible manner and they are empowered to use all necessary resources to ensure inherently safe operations.

All potential hazards and health and safety risks are identified and negated or minimised from the outset to ensure safe working environments for our employees and our customers’ stakeholders.

Our CompEx project engineers and technical installation and maintenance staff are highly trained, experienced and competent in their designated area of operation and carry out their work in a safe and efficient manner with the least possible disruption to our customers’ business.


We recognise that ongoing training and continuous development of our staff is essential for us to achieve our health and safety goals and we have developed industry leading systems to ensure that all of our employees are provided with the necessary skills and experience to carry out their role safely and efficiently whilst working fully in accordance with globally recognised best practice.