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HazardEx Aberdeen

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

HazardEx Aberdeen – 8th October 2014

HazardEx Aberdeen will be the first of four events that C&P Engineering Services is exhibiting at over the following months. HazardEx Aberdeen is set to take place at The Airport Thistle Hotel on the 8th October 2014. Aberdeen is the first series of regional events with others scheduled in the following months at venues in England and Wales. Senioe UK HSE and UKPIA staff are already confirmed speakers for these events, and further details of the event can be found here. ATEX & DSEAR

Potentially Explosive Atmosphere

Inspection – Verification – Installation – Modification – Repair

Visit us at the C&P Stand! HazardEx Aberdeen


C&P Supports the ECITB Service Leavers Event

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

C&P Engineering Services Supports the ECITB Service Leavers Event

C&P Engineering Services supported and exhibited at the careers fair for service leavers at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, on Thursday 5th June 2014. The event was held in conjunction with the ECITB and Talent Retention Solution (TRS) and was supported by the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP)...READ MORE ABOUT THIS NEWS ARTICLE

Two Safety Awards

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

C&P Engineering Services Wins two Safety Awards

C&P Engineering Services is celebrating winning two Safety Awards at Swansea and West Wales Occupational Safety Group’s Annual Awards. C&P were recognised for their performance out of over 100 members.

C&P Engineering Services was presented with the ‘Small Company Safety Shield’ for delivering an outstanding operational safety strategy as well as the ‘Safety Certificate’ for safety performance for 2013…READ MORE ABOUT THIS NEWS ARTICLE

Our Experience

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Hazardous Area Inspection Experience

Our extensive hazardous area inspection experience has been built from our highly experienced and knowledgeable CompEx inspection engineers, technicians and electricians who deliver hazardous area inspections and installations to IEC 60079-17/14.

We also assist companies with the installation, repair, modification and replacement of defective equipment for compliance on site.

Our hazardous area inspection and installation experience includes but is not limited to the following fields:

  •     Oil and Gas Processing
  •     Chemical Processing
  •     Steel Manufacturing
  •     Oil & Fuel Terminals
  •     Paint Spraying
  •     Fertiliser Manufacturers and Plants
  •     Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  •     Oils and Gas drilling and refining (on and off shore)
  •     FPSO’s & Refineries
  •     Distilleries
  •     Power Stations
  •     Engine Testing
  •     Warehousing of Dangerous Substances
  •     Fuel Farms
  •     Ammonia Plants
  •     Food Manufacturing
  •     Vehicle Manufacturing
  •     Airports & Aviation
  •     Weapons Refuelling
  •     Water Treatment and Sewerage
  •     Hydrogen Cells

Read more about our specialist Hazardous Area Electrical and Instrumentation Services

Offshore Ex Inspections and Maintenance

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Offshore Platform

Offshore Ex Inspections and maintenance of explosion protected (Ex) electrical equipment in hazardous areas

Advice for Offshore operators and employers on the need for Offshore Ex inspections and maintenance of Offshore Ex equipment and in particular the need for relamping of Ex luminaires in line with manufacturers’ recommendations. This followed several incidents of overheating, component meltdown, and internal explosions of luminaires installed in Offshore hazardous areas. (more…)

Hazardous Area Inspections

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Hazardous Area Inspections
During a hazardous area inspection, we collate a record of the equipment reference, the hazardous area zone in which it is situated and its certification. The hazardous area inspection also highlights any areas of concern in order to propose recommendations for any necessary corrective action.

Hazardous Area Inspection Types

There are 2 types of Hazardous Area Inspections:

  1. Initial Hazardous Area Inspections
    Initial inspections are required to ensure that the selected type of protection is appropriate for the hazardous area installation and apply to new installations.
  2. Periodic Hazardous Area Inspections
    Periodic inspections should be carried out as part of an inspection regime or routine and apply to existing installations. The purpose of the periodic inspection is to monitor the effects of deterioration or change. The intervals between periodic inspections should not exceed three years.

Grades of Hazardous Area Inspections:

There are three grades of Hazardous Area Inspections:

  1. Visual Hazardous Area Inspections
    Visual hazardous area inspections identify without the use of access equipment or tools, those defects, such as missing bolts, which will be apparent to the eye.
  2. Close Hazardous Area Inspections
    Close hazardous area inspections encompass those aspects covered by a visual inspection, and in addition, identifies those defects, such as loose bolts, which will be apparent only by the use of access equipment, for example, steps (where necessary) and tools. Close inspections do not normally require the enclosure to be opened, or the equipment to be de-energized.
  3. Detailed Hazardous Area Inspections
    Detailed hazardous area inspections will encompass those aspects covered by a close inspection and, in addition, identify those defects, such as loose terminations, which will only be apparent by opening the enclosure and/or using where necessary, tools and test equipment. These inspections may require the enclosure to be opened, equipment to be de-energized and dismantling of cable glands where applicable, as per the BSEN60079-17/14 Electrical Installations Inspection & Maintenance Standards.