Our Experience

Hazardous Area Inspection Experience

Our extensive hazardous area inspection experience has been built from our highly experienced and knowledgeable CompEx inspection engineers, technicians and electricians who deliver hazardous area inspections and installations to IEC 60079-17/14.

We also assist companies with the installation, repair, modification and replacement of defective equipment for compliance on site.

Our hazardous area inspection and installation experience includes but is not limited to the following fields:

  •     Oil and Gas Processing
  •     Chemical Processing
  •     Steel Manufacturing
  •     Oil & Fuel Terminals
  •     Paint Spraying
  •     Fertiliser Manufacturers and Plants
  •     Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  •     Oils and Gas drilling and refining (on and off shore)
  •     FPSO’s & Refineries
  •     Distilleries
  •     Power Stations
  •     Engine Testing
  •     Warehousing of Dangerous Substances
  •     Fuel Farms
  •     Ammonia Plants
  •     Food Manufacturing
  •     Vehicle Manufacturing
  •     Airports & Aviation
  •     Weapons Refuelling
  •     Water Treatment and Sewerage
  •     Hydrogen Cells

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